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Hungarian Opposition Group Harassed by Tax Authority

The freedom to peacefully assemble remains a constitutional right in Hungary. The protection from being harassed when engaged in such activity: not so much, at least not in the current government’s practice. The National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary has … Continue reading

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Trouble in Sajókaza: Being Buddhist and Roma

Last week, uniformed police officers surrounded the high school of a small Hungarian town. Their targets: four Roma students, all between the ages of 14 and 16, who were to be arrested and transported in handcuffs for questioning at the … Continue reading

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Hungarian Gov’t to Fund Scientific Society against Premarital Sex

Sexual relationships before marriage, cohabitation, and non-heterosexual relationships are harmful, according to a new initiative funded by the Hungarian government. The Hungarian Society for the Science of the Family (Magyar Családtudományi Társaság) was founded on Febr. 24. Among its members … Continue reading

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Political Debate in the Homeland (#2): The Behavior of Colonialists

The unique style of political debate in Hungary was already given ample space on this blog in last week’s post about pro-government journalist Zsolt Bayer’s television show. Continuing what might end up an entire series, this post introduces another talk … Continue reading

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Political Debate in the Homeland: Hungarian Television Show Analyzes EP Hearing on Hungarian Democracy

The following are excerpts from a broadcast seen on a government-friendly television station in Hungary on February 10, 2012. “Korrektúra” (Editing Proof) provides political commentary during its regularly scheduled 30-minute slot on Echo TV. Last week, the show’s three panelists … Continue reading

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The Malév Story

March 1: update to the story (last section) Upon Malév’s announcement of its bankruptcy on February 3, it was hard not to feel like being caught in an emergency drill. The future holds other, much more challenging defaults for the Hungarian … Continue reading

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Neo-Nazi Protesters Clash with Police and Anti-Fascist Protesters over Transfer of Theater to The Far-Right

The artists of Budapest’s New Theater bid farewell to their audience in proper style: their last collaboration was a stage adaptation of Thomas Mann’s novel The Magic Mountain. Given the change of directors, the play will only be seen four … Continue reading

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