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The Dear Leader To His People: A Christmas Interview with Viktor Orbán

The Christmas edition of the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet reached the government’s eager supporters complete with a lengthy interview featuring Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán. Mr. Orbán is most interesting as a politician when he is speaking to his own, and since one could hardly … Continue reading

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Hungarian Opposition Parties Resort to Civil Disobedience

In what kind of a country would an entire bloc of opposition parties find civil disobedience their only means to halt legislation in the country’s parliament? Yes, the question is rhetorical, and yes, we are talking about Hungary. On Dec. … Continue reading

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Barroso’s Letter to Viktor Orbán

UPDATE #2 (JANUARY): The leaking of Barroso’s letter has become a discussion topic in parliament – in an exchange which is worthy of note for the chilling message it sends to journalists. On Dec. 22, Máté Kocsis (also known as the … Continue reading

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How The News Gets Edited on Hungarian State Television

Almost exactly a year after the enactment of Hungary’s restrictive media law, a scandal reveals editing techniques in use to manipulate the news reported on the country’s state-operated public television stations.  The scandal concerns the manipulation of a television report … Continue reading

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A Hate Crime Case from Hungary, Retried and Revisited

Six perpetrators of a “hate crime” were released last week in Hungary, after having served two years and eleven months in jail for attacking three passengers of a car passing through Miskolc. Considering that the crime targeted the victims on the … Continue reading

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