October 2011

Excellent Piece on The Mandatory Public Work Project at Gyöngyöspata (scroll down to fourth section, “Labour Camps and hate crimes against Roma citizens of Hungary”):


Criminalization of Homelessness:

See links embedded in


New Theater Affair:

for overview, see http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,15484656,00.html

exhaustive listing of English-language articles: http://www.aznemlehet.net/p/news-enfrde.html

the text of the proposal can be read here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16441951/aznemlehet/dorner_en.pdf

In Hungary, A Worrisome Trend Toward Repression – The Montreal Gazette:


Mass Demonstration by One Million for the Freedom of the Press in Hungary:



Hungary’s Viktor Orban has no appetite for democracy – The Washington Post:


Hungary’s new path is the hidden danger to Europe – The Financial Times:


A Little Moscow Trial in Budapest – Liberation


AP Coverage of D-Day:


Please let me know of inactive links among the above (e-mail: thecontrarianhungarian@gmail.com)

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