About this blog

The Contrarian Hungarian blog provides a “contrarian” perspective on Hungarian politics. The focus of the content posted here are on three topics in particular: the Hungarian far-right, the Hungarian government’s slide into autocracy, and the many ways in which Hungarian citizens have engaged in resisting or expressing criticism of their government. Blog posts usually pursue a topical approach and are not intended as exhaustive coverage of the day-to-day political life of the country’s. The blog’s Facebook page provides what the blog’s author considers to be complementary additions from English-language journalism to the topics already under discussion on the blog.

Contact: Via e-mail: thecontrarianhungarian@gmail.com .

Copyright: Intellectual rights to the content of this blog (excluding guest posts and comments) belong to the author of the blog. Please link to the blog’s URL when reposting anything posted here. The blog’s author reserves the right to restrict the use of the blog’s content and its derivatives.

Legal Disclaimer: The Contrarian Hungarian blog is not actively moderated. Comments express the opinion of visitors to the site, unlawful content in the comments remain the responsibility of the commenter.

3 Responses to About this blog

  1. Sandor Szoke says:

    What happened??? Over and out???

  2. I was an avid reader of the blog and enjoyed the posts. Are you planning to continue on posting on Hungary?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great Blog. What happened?

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