The Political Discourse of the Hungarian Right Series

A number of posts I have worked on loosely belong together as a series on the political discourse of the Hungarian right. Though these posts vary in topic, each of them aims at introducing the ideas and the argumentative styles characteristic of the Hungarian radical right to English-speaking audiences.

The journalistic circles whose views are showcased in the series are gaining considerable influence in the country’s domestic life, as Viktor Orbán relies more and more on their distorted presentations of the international developments concerning Hungary’s EU membership and its stalled negotiations with the IMF. All of the persons discussed have taken an active role in stirring up populist support for the Hungarian government during the last few months and in convening the Békemenet (Peace March) rallies in support of the Hungarian government on Jan. 21 and March 15.

The series started with reports on the political discourse characteristic of the Hungarian right, and in particular the journalistic feats of Peace March organizers Zsolt Bayer and András Bencsik (the following are links to part 1 and part 2 of the series).

A more recent installment covers an economic conspiracy theory popular in these circle, and the recognizable traces of this theory in Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speeches.

For the personal background of members of this circle, see András B. Göllner’s writing here:

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