Hungarian Gov’t to Fund Scientific Society against Premarital Sex

Sexual relationships before marriage, cohabitation, and non-heterosexual relationships are harmful, according to a new initiative funded by the Hungarian government.

The Hungarian Society for the Science of the Family (Magyar Családtudományi Társaság) was founded on Febr. 24. Among its members are a Member of Parliament from the governing Fidesz party and the president of the Alfa Alliance, a radical Hungarian pro-life group. The scientific society receives funding from the Hungarian Ministry of National Resources and is sponsored by at least four members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The meeting of the society was hosted by the National Institute for Family and Social Policy, a research center operated by the Hungarian government.

“Still too many harmful and untrue views are held on the themes of sexuality, sexual relations, marriage and the family in practically the entire society, and to change this  would be worthwhile,” states the draft mission statement of the group. “What is at issue is not value pluralism, but the confusion between right and wrong, valuable and harmful, moral and immoral, humane and inhumane, liberty and lies.”

The goals of the organization’s predecessor, the Science for the Family Association (Tudomány a Családért Egyesület), were to “research in a wide-ranging fashion the themes of family, marriage and sexuality; to designate correct lines of conduct in these themes; to explore harmful processes; to develop and strengthen plans for the optimal reduction in harmful phenomena and for the optimal increase in beneficial processes; and to disseminate these results.” The new format of the scientific society will allow for expansions in this activity.

The Hungarian  Society for the Science of the Family would undertake scientific work along explicit principles. “A healthy family, as defined in the moral sense, is a love community based on the marriage of a man and a woman, the members of which are the wife, the husband and any children they have, including adopted or step-children,” states the society’s funding document. As it goes on to point out, ethical, sociological, psychological and health reasons prompt one to suggest marriage instead of cohabitation and premarital sex. The same text also states that personhood begins at the time of conception.

The society’s founding statement contains digs at the media as well, urging changes in their approach to sexuality. The media’s representation of human beings is “scandalously primitive, deceitful, harmful and anti-culture,” states the document. “Instead of preparing for a productive course of life, with its recommended psychical and psychological health, and for responsible romantic relationships and future marriage, they encourage one-night stands and single, mixed single, bisexual and polygamous lifestyles. In the meantime, they present faithfulness and marriage as outdated, unhealthy and at times even laughable. Aspirations to one exclusive sexual partner does not even appear on their programs. They do this with impunity in the Europe of the 21st century, and therefore in our home country as well.”

The new civic organization has developed plans to train public school teachers to teach courses on family values. Mandated by the new national curriculum, which was made public just recently, in early February, school teachers will have to incorporate ten new educational goals into their teaching, such as morality, national consciousness and patriotism as well as physical and psychological well-being. Among these new areas are classes covering family life and family values.

Boy fighting against sinful urges. Illustration from Catholic Bishop Tihamér Tóth's book "On Pure Masculinity" (1924), a textbook which has returned to popularity among Hungarian conservatives.

As the new Hungarian national curriculum, developed by Hungary’s conservative government indicates, “the family plays an outstanding role in formulating the moral sensibilities, the self-knowledge, the physical and psychological health and the communal being of children and youth. For this reason, there is a societal expectation for educational-scientific institutions to play an amplified role in the raising of children and in conveying moral standards and harmonious family models.”

When fulfilling these societal expectations, any educational activity in the nations classrooms must be in accordance with the Hungarian constitution,  points out the national curriculum. The new Hungarian constitution that had come into effect on January 1, 2012 prescribes protection for the foetus, defines marriage as a union between man and woman, states that the family is the basis of the nation’s survival and encourages the commitment to have children.

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15 Responses to Hungarian Gov’t to Fund Scientific Society against Premarital Sex

  1. Karl Pfeifer says:

    In the liberal state there is separation of Religion from the State. In the developing autocracy any separation of the religious and the secular becomes intolerable. The intention is clear, to weaken political democracy and its conception of the enlightened citizen and to force upon society the ideology of a minority..
    Fidesz völkisch Ideology condemns political and cultural liberalism, they condemn this doctrine for placing the rights of the individula above the needs of the Volk (nép), encouraging „divisiveness“ (i.e. political and cultural pluralism), tolerating „decadent“ values, and limiting the power of the state.
    Their propagandists attack cultural liberalism, claiming that it is encouraging
    „moral relativism“, „godless materialism“, and „selfish individualism“ and thereby undermining traditional morality.

  2. Y.B. says:

    My goodness, where is this going? this is all so unbelievably immature….

  3. Pista says:

    What does Michelle Wild think?

  4. Karl Pfeifer says:

    Where is it going? They dream about reconstructing the good old Horthyperiod. Forgetting that at this time, there were a lot of brothels in Hungary and a young male from a “good family” did not need to go to one. Some married lady or one of the employees of the family would help him.
    Of course even such associations will not be able to turn the clock. It is a way to misuse more of the taxpayers money. I cannot believe, that the European Union is to subsidise such activities.

  5. will theo says:

    the relevant texts to address this initiative are Wilhelm Reichs “character analysis”and his work on the emotional plague. Bottom line: people who need to legislate/control other peoples sexual lives are pathological. The reason? unfulfilling sex life (orgasmically impotent, to use Reich’s term) which is being denied and then pathologically attacked in people who do pursue healthy sexual lives. Reich considered these people mentally ill and the greatest moral threat to society.
    The best approach to these degenerates is to debunk their pseudo science, to make them come to terms with themselves as sexually unhappy people, and stop exploiting the family for their political purposes…

  6. Karl Pfeifer says:

    will theo I am afraid in the present political climate in Hungary, they will not be stopped.

  7. Scary, such things should kindle from inside, not via a government decree. Now they are starting to police our mind, our thoughts – again. All for an aim outside of us envisioned in the neo-romantic notion of the “nation”. Could be a reaction of a society which finds itself in danger? How many were policed and even killed in the 20th century alone in the name of such notions with this type of emotional charge?

  8. Mark says:

    will theo: Calling Rick Santorum!

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  11. LaChicaLoca says:

    Hungary is obviously trying to hurt Hungarians by placing value on human life and putting a priority on marriage. We all know that human life is valueless, and families are useless. This is so archaic.

  12. Newsreader says:

    Can somebody explain what’s wrong with it? It is in the Bible, so are you suggesting that God was wrong? And how about the numerous movements in the US that aims to do the same? Is it double standards again?

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  15. Normal people would NEVER agree to such of harassment ! the government and the imbecilic church and their gangs (priests) stay OUT from ME and MY LIFE ! This BASTARDS do copy hitleristic times ? Are they insane ? Nobody would or should listen to their IDIOTIC barkings !

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