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Paying Off Forex Loans, The Hungarian Way

It is hard to write anything new on the Hungarian government’s plan to fix the exchange rate for loans held by the Hungarian population in foreign currency at as much as 20% below the prevailing exchange rate. I am perhaps … Continue reading

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Hungary: Fall 2011 Legislative Season Begins

Tomorrow is the opening day of the fall legislative season in the Hungarian parliament. What is to be expected? Here’s the run-down of the most important of the legislative agenda of Fall 2011.

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Der Spiegel: The Goulash Archipelago – EU Remains Silent as Hungary Veers Off Course

On Monday, the German-language weekly Der Spiegel published an exceptionally comprehensive piece on the most disconcerting political developments in Hungary that took place during this summer and on the reasons why this must worry the international community, and the European … Continue reading

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Questions Remaining about Thomas Melia’s Critical Assessment of the Hungarian Government

Perhaps another, longer post would be in order to explain the democratic theory on which Thomas Melia’s criticisms of Hungary are based and the reasons why he presented a laundry-list of critical issues which, in his opinion, pose a great … Continue reading

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From Democracy to Autocracy: The Finishing Touches Are in the Electoral Law

Even before Fidesz, Hungary’s governing party obtained a 2/3 majority in the Hungarian Parliament in 2010, there were speculations about a possible game plan that could have assured that they remain in power forever.

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