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Caught in the Web of Hazy Thinking, Hungary’s Jobbik Distances Itself from Norwegian Tragedy

To begin with, let’s concede that Jobbik, Hungary’s extreme-right parliamentary party is not immediately responsible for the actions of Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. To accuse them of having any agency in Breivik’s actions would truly be absurd. Let’s also … Continue reading

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Questions Remaining about Thomas Melia’s Critical Assessment of the Hungarian Government

Perhaps another, longer post would be in order to explain the democratic theory on which Thomas Melia’s criticisms of Hungary are based and the reasons why he presented a laundry-list of critical issues which, in his opinion, pose a great … Continue reading

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Deutsch vs. Melia: But Who the Heck Is Tamás Deutsch?

Yet again, there is an obscene amount of time and space spent in the Hungarian press on a famous Fidesz politician’s own obscene communications. That the vulgarities targeted a high-ranking US diplomat, who just one day ago “dared” criticize legislation … Continue reading

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The Hungarian Connection of the Norwegian Tragedy

In the wake of the bombing and shooting spree in Norway, the Hungarian media has dedicated considerable amount of attention to Anders Behring Breivik’s Hungarian connections.

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Jobbik Mayor vs. Fidesz MP: Tarantula Dreams of Being Butterfly, Does Not Want to Be Eaten While Cocoon

Weekend of  July 23-24, 2011: Scandal Around Newly Elected Jobbik Mayor, and Viktor Orbán Gives Another Speech at Tusnádfürdő  

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Who Finances the Hungarian Extreme Right

Hungarian neo-nazi organizations do not live on a big budget. Their expenses are met from member donations, small contributions from individual sympathizers, grants from civic organizations, and the profit of economic enterprise. Through certain channels however they also receive money … Continue reading

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War Crimes Trial in Hungary: After Court Acquits His Client, Képíró’s Lawyer Files Appeal

Today the defense attorney for Sándor Képíró, a gendarme captain of the Hungarian Army during a 1942 raid against partisans fighting against the Nazi occupation filed an appeal in the case against his client at the Budapest Metropolitan Court. During the course of … Continue reading

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Adding Fuel to the Fire? – Hungarian Town Famous for Neo-Nazi Invasion during the Spring Elects Neo-Nazi Mayor

Is it going to have any retroactive impact on how we might remember the events of the spring – during which zealous neo-nazi militias patrolled the streets of Gyöngyöspata as part of a campaign of intimidation directed at the town’s Roma population – … Continue reading

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From Democracy to Autocracy: The Finishing Touches Are in the Electoral Law

Even before Fidesz, Hungary’s governing party obtained a 2/3 majority in the Hungarian Parliament in 2010, there were speculations about a possible game plan that could have assured that they remain in power forever.

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What’s New in Hungary Is That There Are No More News. Not By the Creme of the Profession Anyway.

550 employees, the majority of them journalists, of public news organizations have lost their job last week in Hungary; by the beginning of the fall, this number could total as many as 1000, almost one-third of the public media employees … Continue reading

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Falra Hányt Borsó: Why Did the European Parliament Decide to Scrutinize the Hungarian Constitution

Since the European Parliament passed a resolution directing the European Council to “thoroughly examine” the Hungarian constitution, and to return to them an analysis of potential human rights and EU treaty violations it might contain, I must have read at … Continue reading

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Koki és Saller: Hungarian PM Boasts of His Playground Behavior

Fortunately we did not have to wait too long for a thoughtful assessment of Hungary’s EU-presidency from Hungary itself. It came from no other than Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s prime minister. He of course proved himself worthy of the mounting expectations. … Continue reading

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