Previously: 2010-2011

(selections from times prior to the blog’s tracking of the international press on Hungary):


English-Language Reporting on Far-Right Paramilitaries Keeping Roma Population of Hungarian Village under Siege (March-June 2011):

New Hungarian Constitution (April 2011):

Hungarian Parliament Approves New Constitution – The New York Times, 04/19/2011

Hungary Passes New Constitution Amid Concerns – The Wall Street Journal, 04/18/2011  with list of the most controversial items

Venice Commission Vexed By Hungary’s New Constitution – The Wall Street Journal, 06/21/2011         

‘Hungary is a Disgrace for Europe’ – Der Spiegel04/19/2011,1518,757971,00.html

Media Law (Jan. 2011):

Hungarian Media Laws Embarrass European Allies

Hungary begins first EU presidency with warnings over press freedom

Concerns about the Hungarian EU Presidency (Jan. 2011):

Critics Fear Democracy is Eroding in Hungary

Hungary’s democratic ‘dictator in the making’ takes centre stage in Europe

Anti-Semitism in Hungary, Far Right, Hungarian Guard:

“Budapest Experiences a New Wave of Hatred,” by Erich Follath of the Spiegel:,1518,722880,00.html

The Earliest Reactions to the Policies of the Orbán Government:

Washington Post editorial: “Hungary’s Rightward Lunge – A New Government Plays to Chauvinism”

The Putinization of Hungary – Washington Post editorial:

Washington Post: A Democracy Slips – “When the authors of the American constitution worried about the “tyranny of the majority,” they might have had Viktor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, in mind.”

Hungarian Culture in the News:

A lengthier piece on US public radio for which “the Hungarian suicide song” and Hungary’s suicide problem turns out to be integral:“the-suicide-paradox”.html

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