March 2012

Developing Story: The Schmitt Affair, day-by-day

April 2: Schmitt Resigns

Hungarian president quits after plagiarism row

April 1: Rector Resigns

Rector quits in Hungary plagiarism scandal

March 31: Protesters Call on Schmitt to Resign

Plagiarism pressure mounts on Hungarian president

March 30: Schmitt refuses to quit:

Hungary’s president says he won’t resign over plagiarism scandal, will write new thesis

The Economist: A man of honour, greatly impugned

Will the IOC boot an academic cheat?

March 29: Decision of the University Senate

University revokes Hungarian president’s doctorate after probe finds he copied parts of thesis

Scandal-hit Hungarian president mulls resignation: media    “

March 28: Pressure to Quit

AP: Hungary president pressured to quit over plagiarism row,0,7111296.story

March 27: Expert panel’s findings are released

The Economist: He copied, but he’s not a plagiarist:

Orban’s patriotism seen by some as last refuge of a scoundrel:

The Frightening Politics Of Hungary’s House Of Terror:

SEEMO – Press freedom 2012 – Hungary Media Laws Remain Cause for Concern, Say Media Experts:

George Szirtes: Some thoughts on Hungary:

Refugee claims from Hungary soar, UN reports:–refugee-claims-from-hungary-soar-un-reports

Orban Punished by Investors as Hungary Balks at IMF Talks:

Hungarian Dr. Agnes Gereb to go to jail for helping with home births–hungarian-dr-agnes-gereb-to-go-to-jail-for-helping-with-home-births

The Latest Target In Viktor Orbán’s “Clean Up” Of Hungary? Religion:

The New Republic: Hungary’s Prime Minister Bites The Hand That Feeds Him

Bloomberg: Hungarian Market Collapses After Forex Loans Debacle: Mortgages

The Economist: Salami Tactics

Wall Street Journal Europe editorial: The Descent of Hungary

Anti-Defamation League poll: 63% of Hungarians harbor anti-semitic sentiments

Hungary Takes More Steps to Tackle Communist Heritage

Washington Post editorial: Clinton: Tired of the Hungarian Rhapsodies?

Venice Commission’s assessment of Hungarian fundamental laws:

The Guardian: Meet Tünde Handó

AP Interview: Part of Hungary’s new church law problematic, Council of Europe chief says

NYT: Hungary Is Pressed to Change Its Laws Further

EUROPE ONLINE – Hungarian judicial reforms slammed by top human rights watchdog

Right to fair trial at risk in Hungary, study finds – Financial Times


Foreign Policy: The Pit Bull Prime Minister

War of words rages between Orbán and Barroso

Why Hungary Matters – Paul Krugman’s NYT blog:

March 15 – Hungary’s national holiday:

– panoramic picture of the anti-government demonstration organized by One Million for the Freedom of Press

– press reports on the demonstrations:

– report from the anti-government demo:

– photo report:

Reuters’ report on the business gains made by the government’s supporters in Hungary:

Writing on Paul Krugman’s blog, Kim Lane Scheppele assesses what Hungarian media freedoms amount to under the Orbán government:

BBC: Court boosts for independent radio

Art Review: Hungary’s Heroes, Artists Enlisted to Push Orban Policy: Review

March 13: EU finance ministers vote to suspend Hungary’s cohesion funds




SPIEGEL ONLINE: Fair Trial At Risk: Report Slams Hungary’s New Constitution,1518,820901,00.html

Kim Lane Scheppele explains why the judiciary is no longer independent in Hungary on Paul Krugman’s NYT blog:

March 10: Big Hungary rally calls for government ouster

Advocates join Hungarian midwife Agnes Gereb’s fight for home births

Why Hungary’s Youth Are Angry; and Drifting to the Far Right,8599,2108389,00.html

Transparency International: Hungarian state ‘captured’ by private interest groups

NYT: E.U. Gives Hungary a Month to Adopt Its Democratic Norms

March 7: Hungary fails to convince EU; no date for aid

Hungary: Commission continues accelerated infringement procedure

Hungary’s IMF/EU deal: fading away?

Anonymous geek-topia: Hackers change Hungarian constitution

Neelie Kroes’ letter on Hungary, in response to Fidesz MEP Szájer’s accusations that her criticism of Hungary is an interference with Hungarian sovereignty:

NYT: Hungarian Students Decry State Sponsorship Cuts

Hungarian Jewish writer, 80, seeks asylum in Canada

More churches approved, even more rejected

WSJ: All Hands on Hungary. The EU takes its deficit limits very seriously—for some countries.

The grasping hands: József Angyán, Hungary’s junior minister for agriculture resigns.

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