December 2011

Kim Lane Scheppele’s brilliantly put “doubts” about Hungary’s constitution:

Should Brussels resist Hungary’s ‘Putinization’? Or do EU member states have a ‘democratic over-ride’?‘putinization’-or-do-eu-member-states-have-‘democ 

The Financial Times: “In other words – and not for the first time on this blog – Hungary is shooting itself in the economic foot; with a sub-machine gun.” 

Dec. 30, 2011: Defiant Hungary adopts controversial laws 

Spiegel Online: Revanchism in Budapest – Hungary’s Right-Wing War on Culture,1518,803865,00.html 

The Economist: Hungary’s supine MPs – The Fidesz flock 

US, EU Express Concern About Hungary’s ‘Crackdown’ on Democracy – Voice of America:

Hungary’s answer to unemployment: Manual labour – BBC, Dec. 27, 2011

Hunger strikes against government interference with state media:

(interview with Balázs Nagy-Navarro in Dissent Magazine):

Guardian editorial, Dec. 25, 2011 – “Hungary: Playing Chicken”

Opposition Members of Parliament Protest Non-Stop Lawmaking, End to Democracy, Are Dragged Away by Police – NYT/Reuters:

Budapest and Brussels on a collision course?

PDF of Hillary Clinton’s Dec. 23 letter to Viktor Orban:

Washington Post editorial, Dec. 22, 2011 – “Autocracy Returns to Central Europe”:

New York Times: “Democracy here is dying not with a single giant blow but with many small cuts, critics say, through the legal processes of Parliament that add up to a slow-motion coup. And in its drift toward authoritarian government, aided by popular disaffection with political gridlock and a public focused mainly on economic hardship, Hungary stands as a potentially troubling bellwether…”

Dec. 21 – Standard and Poor’s Downgrades Hungarian bonds:

‘Democratic Deficiencies’ Abound in Hungary:,1518,805112,00.html

Klubrádió, Hungary’s community radio and central media outlet for the opposition is silenced:

Hungarian court rules parts of media law unconstitutional:,,15613786,00.html

On “Hungary’s Constitutional Revolution”: Two Articles by Kim Lane Scheppele written for Paul Krugman’s blog:

Why are Hungarian Roma seeking asylum in Canada? – in Embassy, Canada’s Foreign Policy Newspaper:

The Guardian’s reporting on anti-government protests:

European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless letter on Hungarian policies:

Preliminary IMF Talks with Hungary Break Down:

Airbrushing in the Hungarian State Television:

Hungary Elects New Top Judges, Ousting Supreme Court Chief:

Dozens of small churches in Hungary fear loss of status due to new politicized law on religion:

Charles Gati’s Op-Ed in the New York Times “Hungary’s Backward Slide”:

Paul Krugman’s New York Times Column “Depression and Democracy”:

Democracy in Hungary: Ring the Alarm:

Hungarian Public Works Plan Terrorising Roma:’terrorising’_Roma_NGO

US Ambassador Concerned about Hungarian Democracy:

Hungary’s Far Right Enjoys Surge in Support as Crisis Bites/Deutsche Welle:,,15583593,00.html

Hungary on the International Radicalism Index: 63% of Hungarians view the “Roma inclination to commit crime” as genetically pre-determined:

Where is György? – The Economist’s Eastern Approaches Blog Tries Its Hand at Writing Satire:

Law Against Homelessness Goes Into Effect on Dec. 1:

BBB: Hungary Outlaws Homelessness in Move Condemned by Charities

Extensive reporting on Hungary’s anti-homeless policies:

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