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Hungarian Parliament Passes Early Registration Requirement to Disenfranchise Apathetic Voters

On Oct. 29 the Hungarian Parliament accomplished long-standing plans of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his conservative-right government: starting in 2014, when a make-or-break election will take place which could cement into power the current regime regardless of voter … Continue reading

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EU Infringement Proceedings Against Hungary

On January 17, the European Commission launched accelerated infringement proceedings against Hungary over the independence of its central bank, the replacement of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Data Protection as well as over measures affecting the judiciary. The Commission first raised … Continue reading

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Civil Sphere and Grassroots Protests in Hungary: December, 2011

Earlier during the life of this blog, I tried to report about every grass-root action organized by the Hungarian civil sphere. But the time I would have had to have available to keep at this task was rising exponentially, and … Continue reading

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Democracy and the Right to Vote: Disturbing Thoughts from Hungary

If we are to find only one detail of the new Hungarian electoral law which is being introduced solely for the sake of making it possible for the acting government to engage in electoral fraud, it is the requirement to … Continue reading

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New Details Announced of Hungary’s Electoral Reform

In a committee hearing on Tuesday, János Lázár, leader of the governing party’s parliamentary caucus presented the official proposal of the Hungarian government to reform the country’s electoral system. Fidesz had already rewritten the country’s constitution following their landslide electoral win … Continue reading

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Wide-Spread Protests Banned in Hungary

In Hungary, the series of events is known as D-Day, or “partraszállás napja” (embarkment day) and, as per the decision of the Hungarian courts, it remains to be banned. With a few exceptions – which make it even more confusing … Continue reading

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Who Are the Supporters of Jobbik: A Psychological Profile

Recent spikes in the support of Jobbik, Hungary’s far-right party, have taken many by surprise. The party already came in 4th in the 2010 parliamentary elections with 16.63% of the votes. This summer however, in Gyöngyöspata, where previously anti-Roma para-militaries … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional: What Happens in Hungary Stays in Hungary

It is not merely of quaint sociological importance when people come to entertain the notion that it constitutes “treason” – a betrayal of the nation – to discuss Hungary’s domestic politics internationally. Children from a dysfunctional family background soon learn … Continue reading

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From Democracy to Autocracy: The Finishing Touches Are in the Electoral Law

Even before Fidesz, Hungary’s governing party obtained a 2/3 majority in the Hungarian Parliament in 2010, there were speculations about a possible game plan that could have assured that they remain in power forever.

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What’s New in Hungary Is That There Are No More News. Not By the Creme of the Profession Anyway.

550 employees, the majority of them journalists, of public news organizations have lost their job last week in Hungary; by the beginning of the fall, this number could total as many as 1000, almost one-third of the public media employees … Continue reading

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Constitution, Post-Passing

[this post is not currently available]

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