Hungarian Far-Right

Material about the Hungarian far-right is divided into three categories (even though the far-right is so inextricably connected that their leaders and members intermingle in many of the posts).

For posts about the far-right Jobbik party, click here. Jobbik is a parliamentary party, as such its rhetoric is often masked in the cloak of democratic legitimacy. According to the latest polls (November, 2011), they are the second greatest party in Hungary with the support of 22% of decided voters. [NB: These polls are somewhat untrustworthy, since as many as 50-60% of the Hungarian population does not have a committed party preference].

For posts about the more openly neo-nazi organization, HVIM (Hatvannégy Vármegye Ifjúsági Mozgalom/64 Castle County Youth Movement), see this list. HVIM is closely allied with Jobbik, members of the two organizations work together both in Jobbik’s parliamentary caucus and in its municipal representation.

Post about the Hungarian far-right in general, or about the many other Hungarian organizations, or about the international connections of the Hungarian far-right are found on this page.

The best resource on the web for finding archives of material on the various elements of the Hungarian far-right and its different organizations is the website of the Athena Institute of Budapest.

For more material on this website, see the posts related to Gyöngyöspata.

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