September 2011

Hungarian Government’s Forex Loan Repayment Program:

“Hungary’s Government: Not Paid in Full”: The Economist is not worried about the repayment of forex mortgages or about the economy only, but also about the opportunities left open for Jobbik:

New York Times Article on the Forex Loan Repayment Program: “The Hungarian government, elected in 2010, has done a lot of things that upset others in Europe. It passed a media law that seemed aimed at silencing critics. It walked away from an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, choosing to seek fiscal stimulus rather than reduce deficits, as the previous government had promised to do after it was bailed out in 2008. The prime minister, Viktor Orban, blamed the central bank for the country’s fiscal problems and cut the salary of its governor, Mr. Simor, by 75 percent. Now it has gone after the banks.”

Hungary’s Government Is Cementing Its Power:

From the Wall Street Journal’s blog on Eastern Europe:

Fines Issued to MAL, Owner of Red Sludge Reservoir:

Austria Irked by Hungary’s Plan to Fix Exchange Rate of Foreign Currency Loans:

Washington Post:

San Francisco Chronicle/Bloomberg:

“In Hungary, the Jobless Go to Labor Camp”:

Bloomberg Businessweek on Hungary’s Public Work Project:

A very comprehensive piece (and link to my post in the comments – thanks!):

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