Criminalization of Homelessness

Budapest Mayor’s Campaign Against the Homeless

Posted on October 9, 2011


After a failed referendum, the mayor of Budapest’s 8th district unleashed the force of the law on the homeless. Police units harass those who appear to live on the street, arresting them for violating municipal regulations. In a now-famous document, a citation was issued to an individual for “sitting around on a stone in the company of several of his peers.” More…

Homeless man escorted by police. Photo by Jószef Vajda of Népszava.

28 Arrested in Sit-In Against Criminalization of Homelessness in Budapest, Hungary


28 protesters were arrested on November 11 after another attempt by activists to impede passage of a bill in the Hungarian parliament that would criminalize homelessness in Hungary. The bill currently under consideration would increase the fine for homelessness from 50,000 to 150,000 HUF (480 euros or 655 USD) in the case of repeat offenses. Or, in the case of repeat offenders, the bill allows for the imprisonment of those found living on the streets. More…

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