“We Attacked the Gypsies, And We Are Proud of It”: Extreme Right Demonstration Gets Violent in Devecser, Hungary

Curiously, there is little to no coverage to be found in the Hungarian media of the racist hate groups’ violent behavior – in the light of day and in front of cameras – in a Hungarian village last weekend.

Official photo of the demonstration by Hungarian News Agency photographer Lajos Nagy.

The following story, therefore, is not simply about a demonstration organized by the third biggest parliamentary party in Hungary, during which, yet again, they managed to make it crystal-clear how close their alliances are with violent far-right militias which habitually incite to racist violence.

This story, however, is also about the media’s lack of coverage of the most outragous agitation of the Hungarian extreme right, and the task to which this puts anyone not personally present to witness the disconcerting rise in the audacity with which these political groups stir up ethnic conflict in the villages of the country. Increasingly it becomes true that the Hungarian media shies away from giving proper reports on the criminal behavior of Jobbik politicians and their paramilitary allies. One of the recent developments in the rhetoric of the far-right, as a result, is their quite liberal application of the word “self-defense” in justification of their intimidating, racist – and is the case here – violent attacks on minorities. In the meantime, the police and the legal establishment is idly standing by.But to the story now. The Hungarian town of Devecser has already received international attention during the red sludge disaster of 2010, when, along with Kolontár, it was one of several unfortunate towns flooded with caustic waste from the nearby toxic material reservoir of teh Ajka alumina plant.

Now, two years later, the far-right is focused on the town not because the clean-up the environment remains incomplete, but because they wanted a demonstration of force against what they claim is the mistreatment – or lack of action – of the police of their local supporters in an argument with their Roma neighbors. Violence seems to have ensued during the course of this argument, which precipitated a warning, in the form of a party-sponsored demonstration, of the far-right’s collective force against all Roma residents of the town.

Jobbik, the official organizing force behind the event, included in the event well-known violent extremist organizations and paramilitaries. Together, they brought a considerable number of far-right sympathizers to the small town: approximately 1000 demonstrators arrived to the town of roughly 5000 residents. The New Hungarian Guard (Új Magyar Gárda), the For a Better Future Civil Guard Association (Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület) , Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement (Hatvannégy Vármegye), Defense Force (Véderő), Guard Motorcyclists (Gárda Motorosok), and Betyársereg (Outlaw Army) each brought its own supporters. (As it was clarified by a Hungarian court recently, legally speaking, this type of lose co-operation is the most advantageous for them: collectively, they cannot be held responsible for specific criminal acts during the protests, individual responsibility, however, is hard to establish with so many groups present).

Jobbik was represented by three members of parliament: Gábor Ferenczi, Szilvia Bertha and Balázs Lenhardt.

The most complete report of what took place comes from an eye-witness account prepared by a contributor to the Hungarian blog Kettős Mérce (Double Standard):

“The speeches began with Jobbik MP Gábor Ferenczi’s. Ferenczi said that they want peace, order and safety in Devecser, and that this demonstration is about rightful Hungarian self-defense, so that the Hungarian could defend themselves and the gypsies would assume their obligations.

Ferenczi addressed the mayor of Devecser in particular, since he had previously told the press that the Jobbik demonstration in the town was unnecessary. Ferenczi “urged the mayor not to direct his words against ‘normal’ Hungarians but to stand up against the ‘criminals’ instead. Ferenczi also said that he wants to hear no more complaints, and especially nothing further about the gypsies of Devecser stealing and cheating. In case there were any trouble, he instructed people to call in the Defense Force [Véderő, a paramilitary organization also involved in the occupation of Gyöngyöspata last year]. He emphasized that capital punishment needs to be reintroduced in Hungary, and he finished his speech by saying that if the problems do not cease, they are going to return.

Next up was László Toroczkai of Sixty-Four Counties [a person many times alleged with, though never convicted of, terrorist acts]. He started out his speech by saying that Hungarians have three possibilities. One is to immigrate, another is to become slaves – ‘of the gypsies’ – or to stay here and fight, in which case those who are bothered by Hungarianness must leave. He said that there are gypsies and gypsy criminality all over the country, and ‘wherever this ethnic group is present, destruction and devastation shows up.’ According to him, the gypsies want to exterminate the Hungarians and if they want to fight, then one must take up the fight against them, there is no other possibility. He also added that Hungarians either become victims or they fight back.

After this, Attila László of the For a Better Future Civil Guard Association [a demonstration by this group marked the start of a lengthy period of ethnic tensions in Gyöngyöspata last year] was given the microphone. “All the trash must be swept out of the country,” he said in opening.

According to him, one must rebel and chase away all the criminals and one must organize in every community – for this task, every “militant Hungarian” will be needed. In conclusion, he defined self-defense as “an instinct that comes to formulation during emergencies and which is then followed up by conscious action.”

After the speeches, the marching portion of the demonstration took place: the protestors proceeded to the house of the family they had come here to protect. By the time the reporter arrived to the house of the family – who are most likely Jobbik supporters and local organizers of the party – the marchers were chanting:

“You are no-ones!” “You are going to die, gypsies, you are going to die here!”

At this point, another series of speeches began, first by Zsolt Tyirityán of Betyársereg (Outlaw Army), who spoke of racial warfare and ethnic cleansings. “The gypsy is coded in such a way that criminality is in him,” he said. For proper effect, he also added that it is the “zionists” who direct them to go up against the laws. “I consider myself a racist,” Tyirityán said, “and I am going to stand up for the cause of not letting our life-space over to an ulterior race.” “The genetically coded trash must be exterminated from public life.” “We are going to stamp out this phenomenon, it must be extirpated from our lives.”

Next, the author of the blog post proceeded to a house of friends.

The house happened to line by the marching route of the demonstration, which did arrive shortly. “They were shouting various racist and intimidating slogans, then first a waterbottle, and within a few seconds a greater piece of concrete hit my right upper arm. The reason why it didn’t hit my head is that I drew it out of the way… We then started for the house from the yard. In the meantime, more pieces of concrete and water bottles landed around us. By the time we reached the house, we had to roll down the blinds, because they were aiming for the windows as well. There were several children in the house.

“Once they left and we ventured outside of the house, we found out they have done this to many other houses inhabited by gypsies.” Jobbik MP Ferenczi was also among the injured. “There were multiple police standing by the houses, and this still happened.”

The following footage is available about the incident outside of the house in which the Roma family lives. On Monday, I was able to watch a longer version of this footage – a report prepared by one of the extreme right’s video-producing branches – but their full footage of the event (about 6 minutes long) has since been removed from the internet. Thanks to Egyenlítő Blog, however, the 25-second part of the video showing this throwing incident can still be viewed on the internet:

The above report was later confirmed by a media outlet operated by the extreme right. When compared to the actual footage of what the speakers said at the event, it does not even contain some of the worst quotes. If one were to file a criminal case for instigating to ethnic conflict, they might want to go with this interaction, available on a video made by ATV. Though this report fails to show the actual size of the crowd, the speech starting at 1:08 translates as follows:

“What do you think, according to you, are there signs of a racial war in this country?” – asks the speaker from the crowd (Zsolt Tyirityánof the Outlaw Army).
“Yes!” yells the crowd back at him.
“According to you, based on race or ethnicity, is there going to be an escalation to a conflict?”
“So then let’s send a message to them!”

And the facts are not disputed by the participants of the demonstration either! They are proud of the “success” of their unified protest. As they write in the title of one of their reports: “It was us who attacked the gypsies, and we are proud of it.”

This is what took place in Devecser in the words of the far-right media:

“The march was lead by the wild fighters of Betyársereg, who know no fear, with their impressive black flags, which never fail to arise fear in the enemy. Behind them followed the disciplined lines of [Sixty-Four] Counties. The main corps were comprised of Jobbik members and civilians, while the march ended with the Better Future and the Guardists. The Hungarians drove the gypsies staring at them to run several times. First, at the house where the brawl took place [previously, in late July]. There was a line of police guarding the street of the gypsies, behind it, 5-6 gypsies were staring at the Hungarians, but when the Outlaws started at them – breaking away through the police line – the gypsies went on the lam. The emergency police vehicle held up the Hungarians who penetrated into the street of the gypsies. The march proceeded, but in another street with many gypsies, there were further clashes.

“The [racial epithet used in the plural] were peeking out from behind the stone fence of a house inhabited by gypsies. They were recording the marching crowd with a camera they have stolen from who knows whom. Then, an argument ensued between the marchers and them. Finally, a water bottle was flown, which hit the [racial epithet] in the head, after which there was a stone thrown from behind the fence into the crowd. This was followed by a storm of brick and concrete pieces and stones which chased the 15-20 gypsies into the house from their previous hiding place behind the stone wall. Gábor Ferenczi, a member of parliament for Jobbik was wounded during the incident – he was likely hit in the head by a gypsy (he required care in the nearby Ajka hospital).

“The police were not on top of the situation, they arrived there late, they could not handle the situation at all, in most of them one could see fear. It was not because of them that the pogrom did not yet take place. At this time, the Hungarians were absolutely superior.”

The issue of self-defense and Ferenczi’s injury is important for media reports: as a member of parliament, he has enough status to command the attention of news organization (with his wounded head, he is the perfect image for a catchy report). According to the far-right, he was hit by a water bottle. Also according to the far-rights’ reporting, there was a stone thrown out of the house in which, previously, the inhabitants behind the stone fence were attacked. When one views the video that has since disappeared from the internet, save the excerpt as salvaged above, there are no stones being thrown from the inside. But the incident, all in all, is an act of self-defense: an instinctual act which is followed through by conscious and coordinated acion. What is there to defend against: the genetically-coded criminality of the gypsies, of course. Trying kncking a hole into this solid argument.

One would think that the above is plenty to ponder for a self-respecting news organization. The story ends, however, on the sad note of what becomes of the events that took place on August 5 in Devecser in the interpretation of major newspapers both on the government’s and the opposition’s side.

What follows next, then, is a word-for-word translation of the entirety of the report published about this “incident” in the largest circulation left-wing daily in Hungary:

“Gábor Ferenczi, Jobbik parliamentary representative of Veszprém County demanded the restoration of the death penalty at a Sunday event of the party in Devecser, where, according to the MP’s estimates, about one thousand were present.

The demonstration, by the name of ‘Live and let live: demonstration for the rightful Hungarian self-defense,’ was held with the participation of Jobbik and several right-wing radical organizations. It started on the square in front of the Catholic church, after which the demonstrators marched in streets where they thought gypsies lived.

In Devecser, a town that has become famous during the red-sludge disaster and which has merely 5,000 inhabitants, Gábor Ferenczi stated that their aim is not discrimination on the basis of ethnicity: what they want in Devecser is peace, order and safety. ‘Live and let live in this municipality: this is what we are asking from our gypsy compatriots.’

The member of parliament asked for the fortification of the police station in Devecser, after which he emphasized that there are more and more brutal criminal acts taking place in the country. He stated that they demand the restoration of the death penalty, ‘so that there are requisite deterrents to push back against and prevent these crimes.’

László Toroczkai, the president of the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement urged the participants not to leave the country and their native soil and to not let themselves be chased away.

Marching after the speeches the participants of the demonstration passed by a house where the argument and brawl that has prompted the demonstration had taken place at the end of July.

The police secured the route of the rally with a cordon, which the demonstrators did try to break through several times. On one occassion, they engaged in throwing objects with the locals, during which Gábor Ferenczi was injured on his temple. Imre Orbán, the vice president of Jobbik’s Veszprém county organization informed the Hungarian News Agency that Gábor Ferenczi’s wound was treated in the local hospital of Ajka; the stone that hit him, according to them, was hurled from the yard of one of the houses.”

The left-wing daily took the story off of the Hungarian news wire: not one journalist was assigned to the story (increasingly this seems to be the strategy of the print media in Hungary: to go with the Hungarian News Agency story). Word for word, the above report is found over and over in other media outlets.

With the exception of some of the pro-government print media, which relied on the disputed reporting of Hír TV. In its reporting, the conservative television channel claimed that Ferenczi’s head was wounded by friendly fire of sorts: that the water bottle that hit him came from his own. But since this occassioned a huge uproar from far-right news portals, they retracted their original report. This is the print version of the story in the end, in its entirety:

“The demonstration held by Jobbik and extreme right organizations close to Jobbik ended without serious disorderly conduct. Two people fainted from the heat while marching.

The crowd proceeded to the house where in the last few weeks a mass brawl took place between two families, one Hungarian, another gypsy, who have been locked in a long-standing feud. Some threw water bottles on houses from which Roma had come out on the streets, but the police fast put an end to this. Gábor Ferenczi of Jobbik was hit with a piece of concrete. Prior to that, the member of parliament held a speech in which he stated that they came with peaceful intentions, but if public safety does not improve in the municipality, they are going to return. The politician demanded a fortified police station for the town previously hit by the red sludge catastrophe. The authorities secured the event with significant forces.”

It would be beyond the scope of this already lengthy post, unfortunately, to comment on the issue at hand: that what took place in Devecser is incitement to racially and ethnically based warfare.

Which is exactly the point, which is exactly how and why the Hungarian far right is gaining ground in Hungary. If you go only by the newspapers and the official media outlets, this story hardly exists at all. When it is made mention of, it is a story distorted to its core: far from the free rampage of hate groups in a far-away Hungarian town, it is about a gathering of “peaceful intentions.”

The task has just got this much more difficult: no longer is this only about the legal, the political and the social fight against extremism, but about the fight against misinformation and silence as well.

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62 Responses to “We Attacked the Gypsies, And We Are Proud of It”: Extreme Right Demonstration Gets Violent in Devecser, Hungary

  1. Turul says:

    Increasingly it becomes true that the Hungarian media shies away from giving proper reports on the criminal behavior OF gypsies all over the country!

    This is going on for to long and this “piece” is a example of blind liberal jounalism which is not based on facts. It is very sad that writers like you keep lying for all kind of minorities in the western world and those same minorities are the extremist in society!

    But more and more people experience and see the truth, so it can not be hidden from the public any longer.

  2. Paul says:

    Well you must be hitting them where it hurts if the very first comment is from one of them!

    Good stuff – keep it up.

    • Tepes says:

      The Gypsies of Eastern Europe edited by David Crowe and John Kolsti”
      “In the long course of the Gypsy experience in Eastern Europe, none has been
      worse than that in Romania.Within several centuries after Gypsies entered
      the medieval provinces of Wallachia and Moldavia, they began to be enslaved,
      a condition that lasted until the mid nineteenth century. Although slavery
      was not a condition peculiar to Gypsies or the Balkans at the time, the
      deepseated, dehumanizing prejudice that has characterized the historic
      Romanian relationship with Gypsies produced a socioeconomic caste system
      that resulted in the “social death” of Gypsies as Romanian slaves. …
      Wallachia under the Grand Voivode and Prince, Basarab (1317-1352), and
      Moldavia under Prince Bogdan (Bogdan Voevoda Moldaviensis) began to emerge
      as autonomous political entities through wars of independence. Severel years
      later, Wallachian records indicate that Prince Vladislav Vlaicu (1364-1377)
      gave forty Gypsy families and land to the new Monastery at Vodita. Over the
      next century, Gypsy slavery became institutionalized in the Romanian
      Provinces, and abundant historical records document the Gypsys’ plight. The
      most significant factor affecting the enslavement of Gypsies at this time
      was warfare. In the aftermath of his campaigns against the Ottoman Empire in
      nothern Bulgaria in 1461- 1462, the Wallachian ruler, Vlad IV Tepes (the
      Impaler), brought back 11,000- 12,000 “Gypsies (or Gypsylike People)” to his
      capital where he tortured and killed some for his entertainment. Vlad IV’s
      contemporary in Moldavia, Stephen the Great (1457-1504), brought 17,000
      Gypsies back from his campaigns in Wallachia in 1471 to use as slave labor.
      His move, however, simply strengthened a practice supported by law, which,
      for example, stated that any Moldavian that got a Gypsy pregnant and wanted
      to marry her would lose his status and have to become a slave. Later, “any
      Moldavian who married a Gip sy himselfj oined the ranks of the ‘robi. ‘ ” In
      time Gypsy slaves were categorized according to who owned them and the type
      of work that they did. Referred to as sclavi, scindromi, or robie they were
      known as either tigani de casati (house slaves) or tigani de ogor (field
      slaves). Domestic Gypsy slaves owned by the crown or the state were then
      divided according to whether they were owned by noblemen (sclavi domnesti),
      the Court (sclavi curte), or rural land owners (sclavi gospod). … Another
      category of Gypsy domestic slaves were the laisei, which included the
      lautari or laoutari (musicians or “fiddlers”), who did most of the slilled,
      nonagricultural work on the estate. Contemporary Balkan Gypsy clans take
      their names from those given to them during this period, such as the kirpaci
      (“basketmakers”), the kovaci (Magyar, blacksmith) or sastrari, the zlatafi
      (“goldwashers”), the curari (“sieve-makers”), and the chivute
      (“whitewashers”). The Romanian Orthodox church also had Gypsy slaves, the
      sclavi monastivesti, who were divided into the vatrasi (household slaves)
      and the more artistic laisei. Becouse of the Gypsy slave’s value as a
      laborer and a craftsman, laws were passed both to restrict their movement
      and to prevent runways slaves and illegal Gypsy slave trading. In 1560, for
      examle, the Voivode of Wallachia protested the kidnapping and resale of
      Gypsies to the Sultan. …,By the late 1930s Romania, like many of its East
      European neighbors, had drifted into the fascist camp. The new constitution
      of 193 8 paid little attention to minority rights, while the Minority Statue
      of $ August 193 8 was viewed as little more than a “piece of propagandd’ mea
      nt primarily for “Gernian … consumption.” Within a year after the outbreak
      of the Second World War, Romania saw some of the territory that it had
      acquired between 1918 and 1920 returned to the USSR, Bulgaria, and Hungary.
      King Carol tried to stife public outcries over these losses by more
      stringent policis against groups like the Gypsies and the jews. His
      successor, Ion Antonescu, intensified such efforts in his new “Nationalist
      Legionary State”. Officially, Gypsies, like Jews,were considered no better
      than “Mice,rats,crows…” and,according to Antonescu, should be eliminated”.

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  4. Liz Aucoin says:

    this is how they are going to get away with it, nobody gets to see the real antagonists here, the media is so biased it is rediculous. this is not something new, they realize that this is how it must be done so they can convince the world stage that they were justified with the atrocoties being committed against Roma people.

    • Tepes says:

      From The Hungarian Chronicle(1095AD):
      “We (Hungarians) are descendants of the great Huns of Attila”.
      From “The Mongols” By Jeremiah Curtin
      “Five groups of Mongols have made themselves famous in Europe:The
      with their mighty chief Attila,the Magyars,The Turks or Osmanli,the
      invaders of Russia…”
      From “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” By Edward Gibbon.
      “The(Hungarians) are distinguished by the Greeks under the proper and
      peculiar name of Turks,
      as descendants of that people who had conquered and reigned form China
      the Volga (referring to the Mongols)”.
      From “The Cambridge Medieval History” edited by J.H.Hussey.
      “The form ovyypoi,from which are derived the various names current to
      day among the people of Europe(Old Church Slavonic,UGRI;
      GHERESI,and so on)comes from the Turkic ethnic name ONOGUR meaning
      From “The Thirteenth Tribe” by Arthur Koestler.
      “We also hear of a fearful encounter which St.Cyril,the Apostle of
      Slav,had with a Magyar horde in 860,on his way to Khazaria.He was
      his prayers when they rushed at him luporum more ululantes-HOWLING IN
      From “Britannica”(Languages of the world).
      “Recent study indicates that it is posible to speak of a Uralic
      type,an intermediate stage between the European and the Mongoloid,the
      basic features of which are medium-dark to dark hair and eye
      colour,relatively small stature and often a concave bridge of the
      (Hungary is part of Uralic racial type).
      From “Britanica” Hungarian.
      “The proto-Hungarians were apparently an ethnic blend of
      and Turkish peoples living in western Siberia…The Hungarians were
      scourge of Europe,raiding as far afield as Bremen,Orleans and
      Constantinople(the English word OGRE-a men eating man,hideous cruel
      a corruption of HUNGAR,attests to their notoriety).
      From “1000 years of Hungary” By Emil Lengyel.
      “(Hungarian) Folklore speaks about NIMROD the giant,who had two
      and HAGAR.The former was the ancestor of the HUNS,and MAGOR was the
      ancestor of the MAGYARS.”
      “The experience the Magyars left with the Western world was so
      that even generations later people form the West saw the Hungarians
      apocalyptic monsters. Bishop Otto of Freysing spoke of the exterior of
      Hungarians as ‘ferocious’ at the time of the Crusades :(Their eyes
      sunken,their stature is short,their behavior wild,their language
      barbarous,so that one can either accuse fate or marvel at divine
      for having permitted these monsters the possession of an enchanting
      From “History of Hungary” By Denis Sinor
      “Though, geographically speaking, of European origin, the Hungarians
      settled in the Danube valley were,spiritually and materially,
      and belonged to the great Central Euroasiatic cultural family whose
      members lived dispersed form the Danube to China, from Persia and
      India to
      the Arctic. The Hungarian bows and arrows…were of exactly the same
      as those used in Central Asia. As nomadic peoples generally do, the
      Hungarians disliked towns,and even houses,to which they preferred
      According to Otto von Freisingen, as late as the middle of the
      century, summer and autumn were still spent under tents”.
      “It is, however quite certain that the Mongoloid type was well
      among them (Hungarians), and that they were, on the whole, of rather
      stature, with short legs, bowed through continuous riding”.
      From George Kedrenos (12th century).
      (Describing the events which took place in 895).
      “The Emperor had sent the Patrician Skllerous to the Turks WHO were
      (Oungroi) to convince them to cross the Danube and attack the
      (At this time the Hungarians used to live somewhere near Bug river,in
      place called Etel-Kuzu).
      From John Zonnaras (12th century).
      (Describing the events of 895).
      “The Emperor convinced the Turks who lived near Danube and who ARE
      (Oungroi) to start war against the Bulgars”.
      If we accept the fact that the rulers of the Slavs wereforeigners (Vulgar
      Romans) then, we can confidently say that the Romansestablished the states
      of the Slavs as they are known today. So, we have Roman rulers, Roman army,
      Roman merchants, Roman Church officials, Roman Bogomils, Roman peasants
      (mainly animal breeders).But we have only Slav peasants and laborers (many
      were Slaves). Romans were not involved any longer in jobs which were
      considered appropriate for slaves.

      We can introduce here the Bulgars also who’s rulers werealso Vulgar Romans.
      The Slavs in European History and Civilization by Francis Dvornik,
      “A letter addressed in 1199 by Pope Inocent III to
      who ruled in Bulgaria after the assassination of Asen and Peter,ur letter
      shows that a request of this sort must have been made to Rome by the
      addressee, who was also called Kalojan (John the first),(1197-1207),or by
      his brothers. Incidentally this letter, in which the Pope says that Joannica
      ‘s ancestors were of Roman origin, or rather the latter’s reaction to this

  5. Arnaud says:

    “Their full footage of the event (about 6 minutes long) has since been removed from the internet.” => Think I found that video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrHST7T1Vhs

    • The video we are looking for has the yellow storm logo in the corner throughout – it’s the logo of one of the far-right’s video-propaganda groups (it starts with their credits). One of the morals of writing this post was to save, save, and save while watching. Now we can only go by my anecdotal evidence that I did not see anything getting thrown out of the house at any point during the recording. My theory is that this is one of the reasons it had to be removed – how else would Mr. Ferenczi get hit by a piece of concrete, err, a water bottle, otherwise?

      This link, however, also shows a terrifying part of the demonstration. Apparently a thousand people march on for a long, long time, and you can see the paramilitary formations keeping step in the end. The lyrics are about the brutality of “gypsy criminality. The film-makers are so “thoughtful” that they even made sure that when they are in full view, the faces of the members of these illegal groups are not recognizable. An intimidating, yet faceless, crowd in which every individual will escape legal responsibility for their otherwise clearly illegal acts.

  6. Anonymus says:

    I read the newspaper everyday but if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t know half of what’s going on in my country! the main story in the news yesterday was about how the drought’s affecting the chicken industry. I feel so bad for the gypsies in Devecser but I don’t know what I can do to help them.

  7. anorwen says:

    It’s great that you are raising awareness of this injustice. If the media doesn’t do it, somebody has to do it! I can really relate to the situation, since a lot of similar things happen in my home country (Russia), and I am feeling really sad because of it.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    The media have the most important role on creating the public opinion. Therefore they instead of taking stand against this kind of action; they just reinforce the negative hostility towards Roma. What makes me sad is that the ordinary people take this action like normal and don’t react, so that indirectly shows that they indirectly support them. History of persecution in the last year in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia towards Roma is just continuing and everyone is just observing without speaking and raising awareness about this. I’m very glad to see people on this blog reacting and strongly criticize this actions/politics. Something that makes me concern is on the side of the demonstration there are a lot of young people who are easy manipulated.

    I do believe that we have the responsibility to educate the others about this and send a strong message to the people who just observe or support this. This is not the Hitler Time and, we Roma are equal like Hungarians, Romanian, and Bulgarian in every single country. How we want to live in Europe if we have people whit this kind of opinion/action. If we don’t react, be passive, we just contribute in the idea of some new Roma Genocide.

  10. Papue says:

    I’m a Hungarian, but I needed to leave my country because of the gypsies. I needed to sell my house because of the gypsy criminals. They stole what they found around my house… IN MY COUNTRY!!! We tried to help them when they can to Europe from India,but they do not keep the laws, do not want to work. If the government say we do not give them more money, they say they will rob from us. I have a question, I do not have a right to leave in safe in my country??????????? Without gypsy violent!!!!!

  11. Papue says:

    Why we can not tell the truth? If we try, lots of people think we are rasist. My advice: move next to a gypsy family and you can see what I am talking about. You do not need to belive in me. Try yourself! If you do not trust me, check the other comments from different countries (western European Country as well). If they most of the people have a same opinion, why some people do not want to face with the truth??? Please do not write any comments without a gypsy neigbourh! Without knowing how much was my fear when I used to have go home. One more little thing which is unfortunately TRUE! Lots of gypsy people kick the belly when the gypsy women is pregnant, just because of getting higher pension if the poor kid is unhealthy or has a disability! Do not need to believe me, ask other Hungarian social worker too.Thank you for reading my comments!

    • Turul says:

      I believe you, because I know these facts are true as a hungarian. Also it is true that most people here never lived next to gypsie in their life.

      Also ask the people in France, Switzerland, Holland, Germany and don’t forget Canada where they got the “experience” with the gypsies from Hungary.

      Read what Canadian officials said about these people and also Canadian citizens. Thes are all hard facts. It has nothing to do with the negative meaning of racism.

      The same is done with people how tell the truth about immigrants from North Africa and other parts of Africa. All the problems in the Western countries with these people are a fact and can be verified. But no, that is also racism, we have to be political correct in the liberal (left wing) sence.

      That I think this piece doesn’t resemble the truth about what is happening in Hungary, especially how a lot of gypsies behave, does not mean I don’t enjoy this blog, I do!

    • You are racist because you blame all gypsies for what a few gipsies do. You are racist because you blame all gipsies and, in so doing, you are deny all gipsies the minimal rights that makes us all citizens. You are racists because, blaming all gipsies you deny all gipsies the possibilities to get an iqual treatment in education, sanitary attention, access to the labour market, housing… You are racist because, denying their citizen rights you are condemning them to a life you would not like for yourself, and only because you have suffered a few robberies. Have you suffered robberies? ask the police to do their job, do not blame all gipsies. There are Hungarian neonazis, but I do not dare to call all hungarians nazis. Where I live there are Hungarian mafias, and I do not dare to blame all Hungarians and I do not dare to advocate for the expulsion of all Hungarians from my country. Therefore I am not a racist.

    • Ignorance is bliss for you. The problem is not just that you do not know, the problem is that you don’t want to know. Prejudice and a few myths are enough for you, and with that you pretend to hold the truth. Knowledge is to hard for you to bear.

      • Turul says:

        we blame all gypsies. Ofcourse we don’t blame all gypsies. It is just a fact that the number of criminals in the gypsie community is higher and Hungarians are most of the time the victims of these criminals, these are just facts!

        Gypsies in Hungary get all kind of benefits for a long time. Special programs. Even pieces of land to grow their own food, completely prepared, but not one of the gypsie community shows up.

        Or you don’t live in Hungary, or you are a gypsie yourself, or you live in Hungary in a erea where there are no gypsies (very hard these days) or you are just blind for the facts. Which one is it?

        I would respect gypsies who admit the real problems of a big part of the gypsie community, so we can work it out. But as long as it denied and everybody in the gypsie community plays the victim nothing will be solved and the anger of the Hungarian population will grow.

        Now France is deporting gypsies not just because they are illigal in the country, but the original populations is complaining of all the troubles they got with these people. But ofcourse the French are lying too, and they are racists too….. Come on, show some caracter and do some research if you really don’t know what is going on with the gypsie community in Europe and Canada and just admit the facts….

      • Turul says:

        Dear man, I am Hungarian and I know what is going on in my country! My knowledge is not based on myths, as you call it, but hard facts of daly life. Next to that I worked with gypsies as a social worker for a long time and know exactly how the think and behave.

        For example, can you deny the big problems Hungarian small farmers have with the gypsie community, stealing everything from their land?

        Another example (google it) the gypsie gangs in German cities. Is that the mistake of the Germans too, they didn’t get all the chances in Germany? Don’t make me laugh. The got all the chances the needed in politically correct Germany and even in Canada most of them comitted all kind of crimes, where the political correct liberal Canadians complained about them. Or where they just racist that denied them the rights and possibilities?

        I don’t think so. Do your homework and don’t continue to deny the facts!

      • pali says:

        Turul, not all the Roma who moved to Canada or Germany were criminals, but they were the ones we heard about, because that’s what sells newspapers. By pretending that all Roma are the same, and therefore deserve to be attacked and/or expelled from the country, you show your bias and prejudice. By working hard to fight crime committed by all ethnic groups, the “gypsy crime” problem would be solved very quickly. Attacking them just makes other people feel sorry for them, and makes the rest of the world think that we Hungarians are all just a bunch of fascist thugs. The real reason for this whole situation is that the extreme-right-wing groups want to recruit more people, but only those people who think that such actions actually accomplish something. Real men would work to change attitudes and create opportunities for cooperation and mutual benefit, instead of trying to force more Hungarians out of a rapidly shrinking country while making economic growth even more unlikely. Right-wingers like you are only in it for yourselves, not for all Hungarians, as you claim.

    • Tepes says:

      So as a result all the Hungarians are going to become Imperial
      Inclusive Austrians

  12. Denis says:

    In which century do this guys live in?
    Stone age, maybe !? Or maybe not, who knows perhaps at stone age people were more civilized

  13. Johanna Haarlem says:

    Turul my respect calling you a racist is such a weak thing just like the gypsies cry out loud discrimination in our north EU countries…figures do not lie and I know gypsies too it is a normal behaviour among them and aceepted only when they get cought they cry wolf…i say they even raised to be this way…if they themeselfes wil not change do not blame the people who call you a criminal because you are ONE!! look in the mirror and start change yourself do not blame the hard working people who are the victims of your terrors!!committed by YOUR people..they are a group of people and show me one example of a gipsy who earn his house and living with hard working and not on the black market wondering and stealing and ripping of people trew the EU i say close the borders please again and stop making people ONE…because we are NOT!! and we will never be…all bullshit leftwing thoughts….a culture is a culture and the leftwingers made us want think that it is a riche things having all cultures in one country it will not work!! never will.

    • pali says:

      Many societies are able to have more than once culture in them and still work very well, even here in Europe. Take Switzerland, for example – they have four different languages, in addition to different cultures. It’s not easy, and not possible everywhere. Still, until World War II, Hungary had a jewish subculture, a Roma subculture, and a German subculture (not to mention Serbs, Kun, etc.) and things worked fine. Along came the fascists and the communists, and everything got all messed up. Even today, if it weren’t for the fascists, there would be no real problem. It’s probably true that Gypsies have a higher rate of criminality than the rest of the population, but they are such a small part of the population that they cannot possibly make a significant difference. I and my family have been ripped off by non-Roma many, many times, but never by Roma, even though we live near a Roma neighborhood. If you and the other right-wingers commenting here are so worked up by how terrible Roma crime is, without mentioning the much, much larger amount of non-Roma crime (which is much less likely to be petty crime, as most Roma crime seems to be), how do you explain that fact that the Roma have been here for centuries without causing problems? I say it’s probably due to circumstances beyond their control, and, if given decent employment opportunities, they will take them. Giving them land to farm doesn’t work if they haven’t been trained as farmers first. The real problem is the discrimination and fear that they feel, which I have witnessed first-hand. Laws need to be enforced, and order needs to be kept, but let the police do it, not vigilantes. If the police refuse to do it, demonstrate in front of the police station, don’t attack people who may or may not have done what you accuse them of.

      • The Roma are being pointed out as the problem because when you go after them, they can’t defend themselves. The best way to diagnose a fascist is when person decides that all the problems lie in a person/group, then make sure that the “right scapegoat” can’t fight back, then win easily the fight against this person/group since he/she/they don’t stand a chance, and then sees him/herself as a war hero who made sacrifices and faced great obstacles against unbeatable odds. That’s what you see not only in Hungary, but also in Greece, with the Golden Dawn, who opened an office in America (New York) and wants Greek Expats to help them fight Immigrants in their own countries, even though THEY are the immigrants. Ironic isn’t it?

    • Tepes says:

      Hey BNordic
      What mirror are you looking to?

  14. Laci says:

    Hey Contrarian,

    Did you let your readership know that the gypsy family in the video attacked a ethnic Hungarian family back in July in the town. That was the reason for the demonstration.
    “What goes around, comes around” (Whatever You Do Will Come Back to Haunt You).

    • Tepes says:

      How could a mizary attack such an well known “Eueopean” like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
      Unless He is a Jerm

    • arrogant_clown@gmail.com says:

      So why were those gypsy attackers not arrested or charged with a crime? That is the appropriate response, not having a violent demonstration in front of their house! A vigilante is a much more dangerous criminal than a thief.

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  23. Pete K says:

    The criminals at the top of the financial system in European must be loving the fact that these pitch fork wielding right-wing knuckle draggers are chasing gypsies out of their homes to make themselves feel better about the socio-economic problems they can’t properly comprehend or challenge. These neo-nazis probably regard themselves as macho ‘men of action’, reclaiming their rights, whereas in reality they’re all easily scared (terrified by a minority group), taking the easy option of bullying and intimidating minority groups, feeling the need to gang up together with other skinheads to feel safe. Guess most of them didn’t get enough love from their daddies.
    Why not have some balls and take on the real powers impoverishing the people of Hungary, Europe and individuals all over the world – the financial oligarchy head-quartered in the banking system and their political allies in national parliaments and EU institutions. Losers.

    – Pete

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  28. Anonymous says:

    Gypsies are sickening, horrible, criminal creatures – I only wish we had this kind of protest against them in the UK!!

    The speakers in Hungary are absolutely correct – everywhere these people go, they bring carnage, destruction, dirt, mess and criminality!!

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  30. Jimmie says:

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    information, that’s genuinely excellent, keep up writing.

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    other folks could take a signal. Will probably be back to get more.
    Thank you

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  36. anna says:

    Hey guys!
    Is any nice,helpful Hungarian group interested to have fun”cleaning” the South of France of some gypsies ?the French idiots don’t have any law against them….contact by email 🙂

  37. Exterminator says:

    gypsies are a subhuman vermin that needs to be exterminated from Europe. Whoever says otherwise, never spent even 5 minutes with the gypsy scum.

  38. Exterminator says:

    Well done Hungary, you keep this up and you’ll earn my respect. Kudos from Serbia.

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