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Hungarian News Digest – Oct. 15, 2011

Hungarian far-right appointed to operate theater, György Matolcsy’s 750,000 HUF/month advisor, consequences of hate crimes and homelessness: covering the first half of October, here’s another edition of the short-format collection of Contrarian Hungarian news otherwise known as the Hungarian News … Continue reading

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“Private Individual” Calls for Protest of Sziget Festival at 6pm on Friday, August 12 – Counter-Protest Under Organization

Not to get too tacky, but in an oft-quoted text, Marx notes that when history tends to repeat itself, it does so in the form of a farce. I am not often in the habit of quoting Marx, however the neo-Nazi protest … Continue reading

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Far-Right Group To Protest During Sziget Festival 2011

Hungarian Neo-Nazi far-right group HVIM still plans to protest in the middle of the popular Sziget festival from 10 am to 10pm every single day between August 9 and 15 -despite the fact that their request for a protest permit … Continue reading

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Where Every Man Is A (Very Pure) Hungarian Island To Himself: Magyar Sziget, 2011

Such an atrocious gathering of neo-Nazis that one politician was fired from his far-right party over his participation. It’s the Magyar Sziget, or Hungarian Island, an international get-together for the far, far-right of Europe. The scandal broke out after the … Continue reading

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