“Only We Are the Chosen People”: Hungarian Far Right Holds Troop-Review

“We are chosen, only we are the chosen people,” said one of the speakers, Lóránt Hegedűs, Jr. at the event held today. Gábor Vona, party leader of Hungary’s far-right party Jobbik and the founder of the original Hungarian Guard called it a “review of the troops.” The event also marked the 4th anniversary of the Guard’s establishment.

The Hungarian Guard – which in its organizational aspects is reminiscent of Hitler’s SS – is officially banned in Hungary. After a court decision from 2008 ordered them to disband, it underwent an organizational transformation to at least nominally comply with Hungarian law: it splintered into smaller organizations, and as such fell out from Jobbik’s immediate governance. Most of these splinter groups have organized themselves into a loose organization (they call themselves the Hungarian National Guard, to distinguish themselves from the New Hungarian Guard, the only splinter group that remains under Jobbik’s control) while Jobbik went on to become a “legitimate” political party which currently holds over 12% of the seats in the Hungarian parliament.

Prominent Jobbik politicians, including Vona, were present at the gathering, where the greatest variety of the splinter groups were seen together for the first time since Jobbik’s representatives took their seats in the Hungarian parliament. The emphasis on Vona’s central role in these paramilitary political organizations is certainly interesting: he is now an officer of the Hungarian state but he still boasts about his founding of an illegal organization. All in all, it appears to be an indication that Jobbik is ready to re-unify the splinter groups under its control. To this effect, Vona stated that he is going to seek out all previous members of the Guard in the next few months in order to reforge their unity. “Jobbik cannot do without the Guard, but the Guard cannot do without Jobbik either,” he said in his speech.

The troops. In a rather ironic interpretation of what the courts may have meant by banning any public display of the Guard's uniform, these members are proudly "respectful of the law" and refrain from wearing the full uniform.

Gábor Vona's lectern was decorated with Jobbik's flag, and marked by Jobbik's motto: "Hungary belongs to Hungarians." The statue is the eagle (turul - a bird from ancient Hungarian mythology) statue of the Budapest's 12th district, which was raised amidst political controversy.

Gábor Vona speaks at Jobbik's "review of the troops" on August 28, 2011.

Gábor Vona must have been difficult to spot in the distance.

After the event, participants proceeded to their annual remembrance of the so-called "Rongyos Gárda" or Rugged Guard. Little known from history books, this group of men staged an insurrection in 1921 in an attempt to reoccupy territories that had been annexed from Hungary to Austria after the First World War. At the grave of one of its members in Farkasréti Cemetery, Előd Novák, another prominent politician of Jobbik, said that Jobbik considers it its mission to have a statue raised in their memory on one of Budapest's public squares.

Guard members wearing their uniform. The police decided not to make arrests in the cemetery.

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5 Responses to “Only We Are the Chosen People”: Hungarian Far Right Holds Troop-Review

  1. EBE says:

    “The Hungarian Guard – which in its organizational aspects is reminiscent of Hitler’s SS – is officially banned in Hungary.” Maybe they are banned but that did not stop Fidesz to allow Mr Vona to show in one of the session of the parliament in full Guardian paramilitary uniform, while the speaker of the house and other Fidesz members were to busy the whole day on doodling, cleaning their nails, attacking the MSZP or whatever was the most important, instead of removing Vona. All laws are as strong as their enforcement. Orban will never step up to plate to do something about the extreme right, as remaining in his positions is way more important to him, then serving justice. Alienaiting the extreme right, would mean some lost vote for him. He opened Pandora’s Box, (voting rights, etc.) as he wanted to take advantage of nationalistic sentiments, but he was to close minded to see that “his” nationalism is just the tip of the iceberg. Fools rushed in and Orban found himself stuck.
    As far as Vona goes.. he is a either a spoiled kid, who had everything while growing up or very much the opposite, he had nothing and he and his parents blamed everyone around them for their misfortune. Vona finally has some real people to play “army” with . He needs a slap on his behind, and maybe a new XBox. I think if it would come to any real action (whatever that means for Jobbik), Vona would be the first one to run for cover. I mean a serious man, in the middle of Europe, cannot be serious of believing that he can take military actions against anyone without the more qualified, and more intelligent politicians of Europe stepping in. AT this point, they let him play with his toy soldiers, but I am sure they are watching, as his games for sure not go unnoticed in Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, etc.

  2. Pete H. says:

    I did some “creeping” on Facebook the other day. I have a Hungarian FB friend who is a Jobbik supporter, so I went through his friends list and from their creeped through other friends lists. This led to many FB members who are Garda members. Most did not set security settings so I could look at their interests and the list of people that inspired them. I looked at around 20 profiles. About half listed Szálasi and/or Pál Prónay. Quite a few listed Hitler. Many had photos of themselves posing with weapons while dressed in camouflage. Others showed off their Nazi and fascist tattoos. Anyone who argues this is not a fascist militia fashioned like the Arrow Cross, is either blind or is lying. Anyone who has read the posting on the Athena Institute’s website (http://www.athenaintezet.eu/en/context/) on the evolution of hate groups, knows this play soldiering will end in serious violence. Should this group ever win a majority or even a strong minority in parliament, Hungary is doomed to repeat a past failure and shame herself again.

    • MMiranda says:

      Greetings from America. That’s exactly the same thing I have been doing here. Except that I go to Saga’s page and check on her American fans. The ones without private settings show every organization they belong to and then I can “group” these people together. I fear the same thing could happen here in America as well. Extremism has skyrocketed with the election of President Obama.

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