Hungarian Neo-Nazis Discuss Readiness to Take Up Arms

Since the publication of the Sun story on what takes place at a festival called Magyar Sziget (or Hungarian Island), one lesser and one more tremendous updates have become available.

In lesser news, the organizers of the Magyar Sziget are suing the English journalists who recorded Chris Hurst, previously London Regional Secretary of the British National Party, giving a Hitler salute during a concert by Saga.

Hurst revealed many of his more clandestine political views to the reporters, among them his opinions about the massacre of Norwegian madman Anders Behring Breivik, who also pointed out the influence of Saga’s music on his ideological development. “It’s good to fight back,” Hurst said to reporters of The Sun who he thought were fellow neo-Nazis about Breivik’s actions. “[B]ut not by killing young white people,” he added, since white people are needed to “breed” more white people. The Hungarian organizers of the festival are now suing the Sun’s reporters because they violated one of the house rules of the festival – namely that no journalistic activity may be conducted on the premises without the written approval of the organizers. (In their forums, I also found demands from the rank-and-file to try them for “espionage.” Their readiness to hide behind the shield of the law while they themselves disrespect every single principle of legality is simply astounding).

Though the British National Party is far enough to the right of the political spectrum to limit its membership to “indigenous British” people, Hurst’ behavior was enough to get him expelled from the BNP. Talking to my Hungarian friends, I asked them why Hungarians did not think it important to expel several politicians of Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party, many of whom are members of the Hungarian parliament, who officially gave their name to the event either as participants or as organizers. Their understanding seems to be (and here I am relying on personal information only, albeit on attitudes that are perhaps instructive about the Hungarian political atmosphere) that BNP expelled Hurst because he cried “Sieg Heil” and put his hand out in a Hitler salute. Mere association with the event would probably not have resulted in his firing from his party (I would be very interested if readers from the UK could comment/e-mail me on this).

The greater update on 2011’s Magyar Sziget talks precisely to this question: is the festival itself is a kind of environment from which office-holders of a democratic society must maintain their distance at all cost? It turns out that The Sun’s reporters were not the only ones to come back from the festival with “clandestine” recordings. And it also turns out that the Sun’s reporting was only able to capture the least incriminating aspects of the festival.

On Thursday, August 4, a “presentation” was held by Zsolt Tyirityán, leader of Betyársereg, a Hungarian neo-nazi paramilitary organization. Tyirityán is perhaps best know for his opinion that Adolf Hitler is a “politician of great influence and European caliber, whose proper appreciation has yet to arrive.” His loosely organized group Betyársereg have been openly recruiting members since at least 2009.

As Tyirityán himself said in a 2010 interview, their “problem is with the republic per se, as a political regime, because it has lost its credibility and it is unethical.” Their aim therefore is “to resurrect the genetics of the Hungarian fighter.” Only “vigorous” men need apply, preferably those who are knowledgeable in the martial arts and who are “genuine fighters,” lists their website the most important selection criteria. Prior criminal convictions – which most members seem to already have – would not be counted agains them. Tyirityán himself served 1.5 years “faji alapon elkövetett súlyos testi sértésért”: for a criminal category best rendered into English as a felony assault of a member of a minority race.

Betyársereg was introduced to Hungarian public life in 2008, when its members arrived to an irredentist protest clad in black, wearing face-masks, some of them on horseback cracking bullwhips. As the organization advertises on its own website, in a self-summary dated 2009, “the laws of the republic are not worth much in our eyes. But we obey the ancient laws of the puszta, and we make others obey it as well. … Those in power have forced us outside the bounds of the law.”

Betyársereg rallying in 2008

Later Betyársereg came to be known for their participation in the vigilante occupation of Gyöngyöspata, a town in north-eastern Hungary, following a rally held there by far-right party Jobbik against the “criminal behavior” of Romas residing in the town.

Member of Betyársereg (with whip on his shoulder) talks to Roma children in Gyöngyöspata, two other extreme right vigilantes assist (March 2011)

In the sound recording, Tyirityán makes a presentation of his organization’s preparedness for white extremist guerilla warfare.

The difference between a mercenary and the guerilla fighters of Betyársereg, according to Tyirityán, is that “any mercenary is capable of brutalities and murder, but only guerilla fighters are willing to fight to the end.” Tyirityán described the leadership of Betyársereg in the likeness of the 12 apostles; he warned that no one with a family should join them. Before they can become freedom-fighters or self-sacrificing martyrs, first they must extinguish the indolence that consumer society induces in them; and they must wipe out their hedonism and egotism. Betyársereg wants members who have given up on their lives. To do what they need to do, they must be absolutely certain of their beliefs. “When one is unified in life and in thought, that is, if one no longer entertains doubts, that is when one can really kill,” Tyirityán added.

In the end, everyone in Betyársereg will “either end up in jail, or be shot by a [state-organized] anti-terrorism squad, though a third possibility also exists, which is that we will win.”Just what is there to win? A member of Betyársereg, Dér Zsolt continues the presentation at this point. Previously, he was recommended to the audience by Tyirityán as a veteran of the Yugoslavian war. According to Tyirityán, Dér first fought on behalf of Hungarians living in Serbia, “but as the war moved on to Bosnia, he returned not in defense of Hungarians, but because he wanted to kill, something for which he deserves an applause.”

Dér continued the presentation by quoting Gábor Vona’s vision of the future, in which “three million hungry pensioners will find themselves facing three million gypsies.” Gábor Vona is party chairman of Hungary’s far-right party, which received 16.67% of the votes in Hungary’s 2010 elections (which amounts to over 855,000 ballots). He maintains close relationships with several paramilitary organizations like the Betyársereg.

Summer of 2009, Szeged, Hungary. From left to right: Gyula Zagyva, Hungarian MP of documented skinhead past; Zsolt Tyirityán, leader of Betyársereg; László Toroczkai, leader of several neo-Nazi organizations, including Betyársereg and HVIM; Gábor Vona, party chairman of far-right Hungarian parliamentary party Jobbik; Róbert Kiss, leader of the New Hungarian Guard. The press conference is held to announce their “strategic” co-operation.

Having lost their patience, the “white population” are going to form self-defense leagues, continued Dér “to beat gypsies to death as they climb into their gardens” [the insinuation is that the Romas are going to be caught while stealing]. At this point, “no one need have any illusions as to whose side the police and the army will take.” This is what they are going to term “terrorism.”

It is for this reason that Tyirityán finds it important for people to get to a stage at which “they are capable of pulling the trigger on a rifle, for example at the sight of a skin color of any shade [other than white].” In this “war of the species,” one must be able to become “aggressive, violent, spare and greedy; almost like a wild animal.”

Only in this way can one defend one’s interests. For then the Israelis are going to arrive, continued Tyirityán, with their Merkava tanks and stealth bombers, and they are not going to have the morality to ask whether they can destroy residential buildings. “Are we going to have enough in ourselves to dare shoot a rotten and lousy Jew?,” Tyirityán asks on the tape. “Yes,” several are heard in the audience before loud applause breaks out (ATV made the excerpt of this part of the presentation available here).

To be sure, the above is a violation of several different passages of the Hungarian criminal code, though there has been no word yet on the criminal prosecution of the individuals caught on tape.

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